What is ADD Coaching?

It’s about cultivating what’s possible.

It’s a supportive partnership that provides help in managing the unique challenges that a person with AD/HD faces on a day-to-day basis.

When you have a life coach who specializes in helping people with AD/HD, you have someone who really understands your daily battle with the everyday things that get in your way. You also have someone who knows how to help you move beyond them.

Research has shown that a multimodal treatment approach (using more than one method of help) is most effective for adults with ADHD. Although research has also shown that ADHD medication can effectively address the biochemical imbalance in the ADD brain, medication can’t directly improve time management, job performance, college achievement, or relationship issues. Success in these areas requires the development of useful skills and strategies. Coaching is that missing piece to address the daily issues that become obstacles to achieving the balance, happiness, and success you deserve.

ADD coaching is a “bridge” to help you go from a life of:
missed appointments, impulsive spending, lost items, forgotten medication, late assignments, missed deadlines, sleeping issues, poor eating habits, frustrated romantic partners, and low self-worth
to one with:
more organization, improved time management, completed projects, greater control over finances, a healthier lifestyle, better job performance, more focus, happier relationships, increased productivity, attained goals, and greater well-being.

You don’t need to have a formal AD/HD diagnosis to begin coaching with me. And because ADD impacts every area of a person’s life, including loved ones, I also coach parents or partners of loved ones with AD/HD.

It’s not therapy°. While therapy typically works with addressing problems in one’s past, coaching is solution and future focused. Instead of asking “why,” we explore the “what” and “how” of the present.

Together, we’ll identify your signature strengths and core values; set goals; discover the strategies, tools, and techniques that work best for you; set up some action steps and monitor your progress through an accountability program to help you develop into the person you dream of becoming.

°If you need help with emotional, psychological, or interpersonal issues, please contact a therapist to address these situations. Many clients have both a therapist and an ADD Coach who work with them simultaneously.