Really, multi-task – me?

Multi-tasking is the hip and cool thing to do these days – but for someone with ADD? Rethink that one. I’m talking about the physical kind of multi-tasking, like cutting a watermelon while reading the paper kind of multi-tasking. Physical multi-tasking, or having lots of things to do simultaneously, can get downright dangerous. Don’t you dare ask me to pick up your dry cleaning when I’m pouring cereal. There’s a 93% chance you’ll not see those black slacks for weeks.

However, the mental kind of multi-tasking is something we just do, continuously. I have at least 27 things on my mind before I even get up out of my chair, and once I’m up on my feet and moving through a room, you can bet I’m adding 3-5 thoughts per second and changing my mental radio to a new song for every single function I attempt. I know a good day is dawning when I look down and see that my slacks are zipped as I drive up Coast Highway to meet with a client.

I sit here wondering whether or not you feel the same sort of frustration regarding the push for all of this super-stacking-of-stuff that employers, professors, clients, spouses, and parents demand of us. If you do, well then let’s unite. ADHD Awareness Week is October 14 -20, 2012, so what better time to begin sharing some awareness?ADHD Awareness Week 2012 poster

I challenge the ADDers of the world who are fed up with the demands to multi-task to stand our ground and tell the task-masters of world how it is. We don’t multi-task well. You can give us 14 different tasks to do by next Thursday and we will do them all very, very well ONE AT A TIME if they:

  • Give us a list
  • Put most important item of the list on the top of the list in big, bold letters
  • Ask us if we need to adjust the deadline because we need to factor in our particular version of time.
  •  We’re creative thinkers; let us brainstorm awhile.
  • Let us go outside and walk while we think.
  • Give us a couple of hours to lose half our project and find it again.
  • Remember, some of us who look at the clock at 10:20 lock on to that and really believe that 10:20 exists until we happen to glance up again and catch a view of the clock as we wonder what the weather is like in Hawaii because we just heard the lyrics, “If you like pina coladas” by Rupert Holmes.

Can I hear a “Raarrrrrr”? Share this so that others become more ADHD Aware!

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