ADHD – College Success

ADHD and College Success

Success and ADHD – you may think the terms don’t go together, but they do when you learn more about yourself and what strategies work best for you.

“Coaching helps students develop greater self-determination and direction. It reduces the overwhelm and anxiety many ADHD students feel and increases self-conficence and self-sufficiency.
– Keath Low, M.A.

You’re probably like many other students who looked forward to the freedom and independence that comes with becoming a college student. And you may have realized rather quickly that independence and freedom can also equate to a lack of structure and accountability that you need in order to be successful. It can be a real shock when you’re suddenly responsible for setting up study routines, prioritizing, planning, and following the plans without a parent to help you.

It isn’t easy for a student with ADHD to show up to class on time, remember all of the upcoming assignments for each class, stay organized, manage social time, remember to take medication, make time to exercise, be sure to eat right, get adequate sleep, and control numerous distractions and impulsivity.

Thankfully, you don’t have to handle this alone anymore.

As your coach, I can help you attain success by the two of us uncovering how you can:

  • Identify and further develop your strengths and talents
  • Create effective study routines
  • Develop uniquely designed strategies
  • Create a plan and short-term goals
  • Prioritize your assignments and reading
  • Stay on track
  • Organize your environment
  • Reduce your overwhelm and increase your self-confidence

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In addition to academics, I also help college students with social relationships with friends, professors, a boss, and family; self-care; work problems; financial issues and more.

“AD/HD is not a disorder of knowing what to do, but of doing what one knows.” – Russell A. Barkley, PhD