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Fleeing the Land of Resistance

I stood in my little beachside bungalow kitchen this morning, second cup of coffee in hand, slant sunshine spilling through the slats of the opened window, as the sensation that a puddle of thick, black tar had begun encircling my feet. This wasn’t a physical sensation, but rather a purely mental one. I feared that hours would tick by as I stood frozen like a mammoth at the La Brea Tar Pits while my kitchen morphed into that place that so many of my ADD clients know all too well, the place I call The Land of Resistance. My mug of coffee grew lukewarm as I stood there with the sunshine warming my pajama sleeve. I wasn’t budging, not the slightest move; I was most definitely there. Over time, an ADDer comes to recognize this place more readily. For those of you who are sick and tired of being swept into this nasty place and suffering from its ugly consequences, such as missing deadlines, not completing assignments, or tripping over mounds of dirty laundry on the floor, I bring good news: there is a way out.

Know Where You Are and Get the Heck Out

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