Why I Coach

It is for the same reason that I slow my steps in thick, green grass

Being careful not to tread upon the caterpillar just beyond the dandelion.

I am not separate from you

Or from the blue iris against the white fence.

We are each learning that

As time unfolds

And the appropriate resources appear

We will transform into our most splendid selves.

I have realized that like the sparrow

I, too, cannot silence my intrinsic song –

The song that encourages all to manifest

Their unique and beautiful lives

And discover true happiness.

– Kat Beers-McCormick


  1. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have known Kat for more than 30 yrs. She is truly an inspiration to all! Rarely does one meet a person so full of compassion and a zest for life!

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